Transportation of live animals

The company is a leader in the transportation of live animals, particularly horses, cattle, hogs, goats, bison, ostriches, moose and small animals. ConsolAir has adapted its own equipment in accordance with IATA (international Air Transportation Association) standards, making shipping even more effective as well as safer for animals (specialized containers and trailers). We provide air and land transportation, internationally within North America.

In Partnership with KLM, Air France and et Swissworld Cargo, ConsolAir has become a leader in Montreal for the transportation of cats and dogs (commercial and personal).

Services provided:

  • Dog and Cat accommodation
  • Road transportation of horses and cattle
  • Quarantine and vaccination
  • Veterinary inspection
  • Construction of custom cages for air transportation
  • Certified escort services
  • Chartering
  • Consulting service for export and import requirements
  • Requisite Requirements Documents for Cat and Dog Exports

    1. Certificate of vaccination against rabies---vaccination min. 1 month and max. 1 year prior departure.
    2. International health certificate depending on the destination country, which must be filled out and signed by the Canada Food Inspection Agency (tel; 514-283-8888 to find the office nearest you).
    3. Import permit required for certain countries. The consignee must contact the federal veterinary department of the destination country to make sure he/she has all of the required documents upon the animal`s arrival.
    4. The animal must have a tattoo or microchip.
    5. Cage: See attachment for cage characteristics and take note that it is very important that the cage be ventilated on all four sides. Some species of dog require special attention; check whether your dog is included in the attached list.
    6. The animal must be at least 10 weeks old.
    For two dogs or two cats to travel in the same cage, they must be from the same litter.
    Version: 2.15.0